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Available in Cladding, Lining, Battens & Screens and Decking.

● Cladding: Shiplap T&G
● Lining: Shiplap T&G, V-joint T&G
● Battens: Pencil round
● Decking: Dressed timber


Blackbutt is a premium hardwood timber. Even colouring, predominantly rich honey browns to light creams. A strong, durable hardwood, blackbutt can be used for a range of structural, exterior and interior applications.

Bushfire Resistance


Durability is defined as the resistance of a timber species to decay, or to insect attack. A scale of low to high has been adapted for above ground durability.

4 = low (0-7 years)
3 = Moderate (7-15 years)
2 = Reasonably High (15-40 years)
1 = high (More than 40 years)

Blackbutt has a durability level of 1

Seasoned Weight


There are 6 recognized levels of ratings; from BAL (low), BAL 12.5, BAL 19, BAL 29, and Bal 40 to BAL FZ (highest). The relevant Australian standard AS3959 provides the requirements built in these varied bushfire risk areas.

Bushfire Attack Level for Blackbutt is (BAL) 12.5, 19 and 29